35th RPCA annual meeting

RPCA annual meeting

On 09/12/19 - Paris, OECD Conference Centre

The 35th RPCA annual meeting will focus exclusively on the agricultural, food and nutrition situation.

Agricultural, food and nutrition situation

The RPCA members will review the provisional results of the agro-pastoral season 2019-20, the food markets, the macro-economic environment and its impact on the region’s food and nutrition situation, particularly during the next lean season (June-August 2020). Drawing on this analysis, they will make recommendations around how to deal with a possible food and nutrition crisis.

Draft Agenda


  • Provisional results of the 2019-20 agro-pastoral campaign
  • Review of West African and international food markets
  • Food and nutrition situation: Cadre harmonisé results
  • Review of implemented national response plans in 2019 and planned responses in 2020
  • Focus on partners’ interventions