Workshop: PREGEC Charter in Mali

RPCA-related meeting

From 03/02/20 to 04/02/20 - Bamako, Mali

Civil society plays a vital role in shaping policies and raising public awareness around food and nutrition security challenges. In Mali, the National Farmer Organisations Co-ordination Platform (CNOP) mobilises key actors to set up a Civil Society and Parliamentary Oversight Committee. This Committee will hold public authorities and technical and financial partners accountable for their commitments made under the Charter for Food Crisis Prevention and Management (PREGEC Charter). The workshop was organised in collaboration with the Network of Farmer Organisations and Agricultural Producers of West Africa (ROPPA).


The Charter for Food Crisis Prevention and Management (PREGEC Charter) is a code of good conduct which sets out the responsibilities and commitments of key stakeholders. The Charter calls on signatories to strengthen information systems and dialogue platforms, and to ensure that interventions are coherent.

The first two evaluations of the PREGEC Charter revealed that the key stakeholders that are responsible for applying its principles were largely unfamiliar with it. As a result, responses to food and nutrition crises are not always efficient. The second evaluation therefore recommended stepping up efforts to raise awareness of the Charter through national civil society and parliamentary oversight committees.

In 2016, twelve farmer and civil society organisations established a Civil Society Engagement Framework within the RPCA. It aims to improve application of the PREGEC Charter at national and regional levels and raise awareness of the Charter among stakeholders. A pilot experience was conducted in Burkina Faso, where about forty representatives of civil society organisations, the private sector and parliamentarians set up a national oversight committee. The Confédération paysanne du Faso (CPF) will co-ordinate the committee’s activities on advocating for better prevention and management of food crises.

Drawing on this pilot experience, ROPPA and the Coordination nationale des organisations paysannes (CNOP-Mali) organised a similar workshop in Bamako. ROPPA aims to facilitate the establishment of national oversight committees in the 17 countries of the Sahelian and West African region.


Global objectives

  • Set up a national Civil Society and Parliamentary Oversight Committee to ensure that the principles of the PREGEC Charter are applied in Mali.

Specific objectives

  • Strengthen the knowledge of civil society, farmer organisations, the private sector and parliamentarians on the RPCA and its regional food crisis prevention and management system (PREGEC);
  • Strengthen knowledge of the PREGEC Charter principles, commitments and its monitoring indicators;
  • Share major initiatives of key players concerning the application of the PREGEC Charter and the management of food crises;
  • Define the priority interventions as well as the roles and responsibilities of the members of the Civil Society and Parliamentary Oversight Committee.


The workshop will bring together some 40 participants including representatives of farmer and civil society organisations, private sector actors involved in food and nutrition security issues, parliamentarians, representatives of ministries and governmental bodies working towards achieving food and nutrition security (agriculture; environment; health; water and sanitation; promotion of women, national solidarity and family affairs; social protection); CILSS, and development partners.