Mapping of food & nutrition security and resilience interventions


Analytical Studies / Published on : April 2017

This study was commissioned within the framework of the RPCA and aims to strengthen the synergies and complementarities of FNS and resilience interventions. An increasing number of stakeholders are working on food and nutrition security (FNS) in the Sahel and West Africa. Often, their interventions are implemented in isolation, without any logical coherence or search for synergy. This results in duplicate interventions, wasted resources and conflict, negatively affecting the efficiency of collective action around FNS. The study was conducted from September 2016 to February 2017 and identified some 430 projects across the 17 Sahelian and West African countries. Validated results of this study are available online on the RPCA mapping tool “ACTIONS”. The team faced many challenges in relation to the accessibility and reliability of information. Information, even institutional information, is not necessarily accessible to institutions that have set them up, or to their partners. The outcome is thus a starting point for the creation of a more complete inventory.

Themes : Food security, Resilience

Scale : National, Regional (West Africa)

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