Food and nutrition situation outlook, June-August 2019

Published : March 2019

The Cadre harmonisé analysis confirmed persistent food and nutrition insecurity in south-eastern Mauritania as well as in insecure zones in northern and western Chad, eastern and western Niger, north-eastern Nigeria, eastern and northern Burkina Faso, and central and northern Mali. Throughout the region in March-May 2019, some 4.8 million people were in need of food and nutrition assistance, of which two million were in Nigeria. If appropriate measures are not taken, nearly 9.7 million people will be affected during the lean season from June to August 2019, of which 450 000 people will be in an emergency situation (308 000 in Nigeria; 41 000 in Mauritania; 30 000 in Niger; 26 000 in Burkina Faso; 24 000 in Mali and 22 000 in Chad). The nutrition situation remains concerning, with a prevalence of global acute malnutrition exceeding the emergency threshold of 15% in several zones in Burkina Faso, Chad, Gambia, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, north-eastern Nigeria and Senegal.

Themes : Food security, Nutrition

Scale : Regional (West Africa)

Langs : English

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