Viewpoint: Should we fear the worst?

Viewpoint: Should we fear the worst? Télécharger

Publié : mars 2020

For more than a decade, the food and nutrition situation of many Africans has been structurally weak. « The measures to fight the pandemic (csocial distancing, movement restrictions, border closures, etc.) are counterproductive for countries with weak economies and populations already under stress », says Abel Gbètoénonmon, head of Africa Performance (AFRIPERF) who presents his analysis in a op-ed published by the daily L’Économiste in Benin.


Auteurs : Abel Gbètoénonmon

Pays : Bénin

Thèmes : Agriculture et chaînes de valeurs

Échelle : Nationale, Régionale (Afrique de l'Ouest)

Langues : Français

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