2020 lean season in pastoral areas of Mauritania and Senegal

2020 lean season in pastoral areas of Mauritania and Senegal Télécharger

Publié : avril 2020

This briefing paper, prepared by Action against Hunger, GNAP and RBM, analyses the severe situation of agro-pastoralists who heavily depend on biomass production areas in the north of Senegal and the south of Mauritania. Their vulnerability is further aggravated by restrictive measures taken to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Its objective is to encourage decision-makers, technical and financial partners as well as other actors of the livestock value chain to mobilise quickly. It includes a serious of recommendations for short- , medium- and long term actions to include pastoral issues in COVID-19 response plans.

Organisations : ACF, RBM, GNAP

Pays : Mauritanie, Sénégal

Thèmes : Agriculture et chaînes de valeurs, Changement climatique et adaptation, Covid-19, Eau, Élevage et pastoralisme, Gestion des ressources naturelles, Résilience, Sécurité alimentaire

Échelle : Nationale, Transfrontalière

Langues : Français

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