37th RPCA annual meeting

37th RPCA annual meeting

RPCA annual meeting

From 06/12/21 to 08/12/21 - Virtual meeting

The 37th RPCA annual meeting was held virtually on 6-8 December 2021 with the general theme, “Women, conflict and food and nutrition issues.” The meeting  also took stock of the 2021-22 agro-pastoral campaign, the food and nutrition situation and the responses to the 2021 food crisis. It also provided an opportunity to discuss other work priorities of the Network such as innovative information-gathering and intervention instruments in multi-risk environments and hard-to-reach areas, and the third evaluation of the PREGEC Charter. Members of the Senior Experts Group of the Global Alliance for Resilience (SEG-AGIR) discussed togolese best practices in building resilience.


The region has experienced two consecutive food and nutrition crises, particularly aggravated by persistent security tensions and the Covid-19 pandemic. Heavy flooding during the rainy season caused loss of life and significant material damage, particularly in Burkina Faso, Chad, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria and Senegal, and further weakened the livelihoods of the most food-insecure populations.


Food and nutrition situation

The Cadre Harmonisé results indicate that, for the third year in a row, the region must prepare for a major food and nutrition crisis in 2022. About 23.7 million people are in need of immediate food assistance and 33.4 million people could be affected during the 2022 lean season in June-August if appropriate measures are not taken.

This food and nutrition situation is aggravated by a combination of socio-economic, security and health shocks. The persistent security crisis in Liptako-Gourma and the Lake Chad Basin continues to generate large flows of internally displaced people without livelihoods. The region is home to nearly 5 million IDPs, including 2.2 million in Nigeria, 1.4 million in Burkina Faso, 0.4 million in Mali and 0.3 million in Niger.

In addition to security challenges, the region is also facing significant rainfall challenges at the end of the season, leading to a drop in regional cereal production, particularly in the Sahelian countries.


Key figures

Senior experts group (SEG-AGIR)

Members of the Senior Experts Group of the Global Alliance for Resilience (SEG-AGIR) discussed Togo’s experience in building resilience.