Workshop: “Analytical tool for assessing leadership in the governance of food and nutrition security“

Workshop: “Analytical tool for assessing leadership in the governance of food and nutrition security“

On 02/02/21 - Virtual meeting, 3-5pm, GTM

This technical experts’ workshop aims to launch the first analytical cycle for the use of the tool in voluntary countries. It will recall the key preparatory steps to be taken to launch the evaluation process and provide an opportunity to answer questions. It will facilitate the setting of a tentative schedule to conduct the first pilot exercise with a view to presenting some initial key findings during the next RPCA restricted meeting. Organised by the SWAC/OECD Secretariat, the workshop will be held from 3-5pm GMT.



Leadership deficiencies in the overall governance in food and nutrition security, especially in certain key roles such as in the formulation, implementation and monitoring-evaluation of response plans to food and nutrition crises, exist in the region. Despite progress made, some of the commitments made by stakeholders under the PREGEC Charter are not always respected. Many food and nutrition security (FNS) initiatives overlap, inter-sectoral co-ordination remains weak and there is a general lack of monitoring and evaluation and accountability for results. Recognizing these shortcomings, the second evaluation of the PREGEC Charter included a recommendation to strengthen government leadership in the governance of food and nutrition crisis response plans and, more generally, the overall governance of food and nutrition security. Moving forward with the implementation of this recommendation, the Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA) developed a framework for analysing the effectiveness of governments in food and nutrition security governance. The tool was validated by the RPCA technical committee and launched on the RPCA Website in September 2020. As part of the next steps, the tool was formally disseminated to the countries.

Draft Agenda

About the tool

Find out more


  • Respond to questions of technical focal points
  • Conduct practical exercises
  • Facilitate the setting up of a tentative schedule


The workshop will bring together technical experts from the 17 countries, who are involved in the regional system for the prevention and management of food and nutrition crisis (PREGEC). The 17 PREGEC focal points will be accompanied by one additional expert per country.

Next steps

  • Launch of analytical cycle in voluntary countries
  • Approval of tentative schedules
  • Presentation of results and lessons learned at the RPCA restricted and annual meetings