Advocacy note for social food safety nets in West Africa

Advocacy note for social food safety nets in West Africa Download

Published : August 2018

This advocacy note, prepared by Oxfam, NFSSA and Inter-Réseaux, capitalises on field studies carried out in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, and a regional synthesis study aimed at improving access to social food safety nets in West Africa. It includes a series of recommendations for regional institutions and international development partners to harmonize social food safety nets across the region. The advocacy note was produced within the framework of the “Regional Programme of Support to National Social Safety Nets in West Africa (PRAFNSS) », with the financial support of ECOWAS and the Spanish Agency for International Development Co-operation (AECID).


Organizations : Oxfam, NFSSA and Inter-Réseaux

Countries : Burkina Faso, ECOWAS area, Mali, Niger

Themes : Agriculture & Value chains, Nutrition, Resilience, Social protection

Scale : Regional (West Africa)

Langs : French

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