Burkina Faso: National Resilience Priorities 2016-20 (NRP-AGIR)

Burkina Faso: National Resilience Priorities 2016-20 (NRP-AGIR) Download

Published : December 2015

Within the Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR), Burkina Faso launched in March 2014 an inclusive dialogue process for the elaboration of National Resilience Priorities (NRP-AGIR). The multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder technical team, which was established by ministerial decree, co-ordinated the analysis of the root causes of food and nutrition crises in Burkina Faso through a review of existing policies and programmes across all relevant sectors. This analysis facilitated the formulation of Burkina Faso’s “National Resilience Priorities” (NRP-AGIR) for the 2016-20 period. The PRP-AGIR targets some 10.9 million people by 2025.

Authors : Government of Burkina Faso

Countries : Burkina Faso

Themes : Agriculture & Value chains, Climate change & Adapation, Employment, Food security, Gender, Livestock & Pastoralism, Markets, prices & trade, Natural resource management, Nutrition, Resilience, Social protection, Water

Scale : National

Langs : French

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