Mali: National Resilience Priorities 2015-35

Mali: National Resilience Priorities 2015-35 Download

Published : October 2015

In accordance with the regional roadmap of the Global Alliance for Resilience (AGIR), Mali identified strategic objectives and priority interventions as well as key steps and impact indicators for the four AGIR pillars. As a result of an inclusive national dialogue process, Mali identified 21 resilience priorities to be achieved by 2035. It also produced a detailed mapping of targeted vulnerable populations. The 2015-35 strategic plan which outlines Mali’s “National Resilience Priorities” (NRP-AGIR), was adopted at a national validation workshop in October 2015.

Authors : Government of Mali

Countries : Mali

Themes : Agriculture & Value chains, Climate change & Adapation, Food security, Markets, prices & trade, Nutrition, Resilience, Social protection

Scale : National

Langs : French

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