RPCA Policy Brief 2019

RPCA Policy Brief 2019 Download

Published : April 2019

This policy brief, produced by the CILSS Executive Secretariat and the Sahel and West Africa Club Secretariat (SWAC/OECD), draws on the conclusions of the annual and restricted Food Crisis Prevention Network (RPCA) meetings, held respectively on 3-5 December 2018 in Banjul and on 4-5 April in Brussels. It makes key recommendations to ECOWAS, UEMOA, CILSS, states and their development partners. Among others, RPCA members recommend the organisation of a high-level meeting on cross-border conflict-affected areas around the humanitarian-development-peace nexus, a restricted consultation with the countries affected by the transnational spiral of intercommunal conflict; follow-up actions to support nutrition-sensitive approaches; and a joint roadmap for a co-ordinated regional response regarding the fall armyworm.

Countries : CILSS area, ECOWAS area, UEMOA area

Themes : Agriculture & Value chains, Food security, Livestock & Pastoralism, Markets, prices & trade, Nutrition, Resilience, Social protection

Scale : Regional (West Africa)

Langs : English

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