Resilience and employment in the Lake Chad region (RESTE)

Resilience and employment in the Lake Chad region (RESTE)

Funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, the project “Resilience and employment in the Lake Chad region” (RESTE) contributes to maintaining social and economic stability in Western Chad around the Lake Chad areas (Kanem, Lake, Bahr el Gazel). The action aims to promote socio-economic development and increase the resilience of vulnerable populations. Some 600 000 people are targeted. The revitalisation of the local economy sector coupled with investments in the areas of food and nutrition security, water and sanitation and local governance, offer new employment opportunities and hope to young people and women who will be able to develop their livelihoods and choose different options in order to fully develop their potential within their respective community. The gender dimension is a transversal component of the programme.

Global objective

  • Contribute to the stability of the Sahel belt of Chad by strengthening resilience and sustainable local development, and increasing economic opportunities

Specific objectives

  • Improve equitable access for young people, women and people at risk of migratory vulnerability to economic opportunities
  • Improve the food and nutrition security of the most vulnerable communities
  • Improve access to drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH)
  • Strengthen the governance of local development structures and the social cohesion of communities

Expected results

  • More job opportunities for women and youth; diversified sources of income
  • Improved food security
  • Better access to quality health care for children under 5 and pregnant and lactating women
  • Better access to drinking water and sanitation
  • Improvement of hygiene practices in relation to water and sanitation
  • Better management of water and sanitation infrastructure at the local level
  • More effective public administrations and civil society organisations


4 years : 15/03/2017 - 15/03/2021


The project is implemented in the regions of Bahr el Gazel, Kanem and Lac in Chad.


600 000 direct beneficiaries


EUR 27 000 000


European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa


  • EU Delegation in Chad
  • Oxfam


  • Ministry in charge of water and sanitation and decentralised services
  • Local authorities: Cantons, Regional Action Committees (CRA) and Departmental Action Committees (CDA)
  • Local NGOs
  • Women’s and Youth Groups (GFJ)

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  • Chad


  • Agriculture & value chains
  • Climate, climate change & adaptation
  • Employment & revenues
  • Food security & zero hunger
  • Gender
  • Governance & capacity-building
  • Health
  • Livestock & pastoralism
  • Local actors & livelihoods
  • Nutrition
  • Poverty
  • Social affairs & social protection
  • Water & sanitation
  • Youth


  • Children aged under 5 years
  • Institutions
  • Pastoralists & Agro-pastoralists
  • Poor households
  • Poor workers in the informal economy
  • Pregnant and lactating women
  • Refugees
  • Vulnerable small-scale farmers
  • Women
  • Youth

Agir Pillars

  • Pillar 1: Improve social protection for the most vulnerable communities and households in order to secure their livelihoods
  • Pillar 2: Strengthen the nutrition of vulnerable households
  • Pillar 3: Sustainably improve agricultural and food productivity and the incomes of the most vulnerable households and improve access to food
  • Pillar 4: Strengthen governance in food and nutrition security


  • Local

Sustainable Development Goals

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