Stabilisation and socio-economic strengthening of populations affected by irregular migration in transit zones of Niger

Stabilisation and socio-economic strengthening of populations affected by irregular migration in transit zones of Niger

Funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa, this project targets local institutions and key stakeholders in the regions of Agadez and Zinder. Given the development of new Mediterranean migration routes and the influx of migrants and Nigeriens returning from neighbouring countries, additional measures are being implemented to further support migration management and governance in Niger. Particularly, the proposed action complements, in targeted areas, the existing comprehensive approach implemented in Niger by mitigating the impact of migration on transit communities and by further supporting the economic alternatives of populations who previously depended on trafficking and illegal activities linked to migration. This project will also complement the education sector programme through its components of construction/rehabilitation of school infrastructure, but also through vocational training for young people and women. The project is implemented by the High Authority for Peacebuilding (HACP) and local NGOs (Karkara, Garkua).

Global objective

  • Contribute to promoting the stabilisation and socio-economic recovery of populations directly affected by migration in transit zones of Niger

Specific objectives

  • Support alternative socio-economic activities for actors dependent on the financial benefits linked to irregular migration
  • Support the assistance provided to migrants as well as access to priority basic services and economic opportunities to transit and return communities, while promoting community cohesion

Expected results

  • Reorientation of key players in the trafficking sector previously identified (see PAIERA) towards activities offering a certain form of professional reintegration
  • Return of priority basic social services provided by local authorities promoting easy access and local proximity
  • Strengthening social cohesion among the communities of origin
  • Support for Nigerien authorities in facilitating the return of Nigeriens in distress (including Assamakka, Arlit, Agadez, Zinder) to their place of origin


3 years : 19/11/2018 - 30/11/2021


The project is implemented in the Agadez and Zinder regions of Niger.


  • Actors economically dependent on irregular migration
  • Communities serving as returnee or migrant transit hub in the Agadez region, including along the Algerian border and the Zinder region
  • Local authorities in targeted areas


EUR 7 600 000


European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa


  • High Authority for Peacebuilding (HACP)
  • NGOs: Karkara, Garkua

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  • Niger


  • Aide d’urgence
  • Education
  • Employment & revenues
  • Gender
  • Governance & capacity-building
  • Health
  • Local actors & livelihoods
  • Poverty
  • Rural-urban issues
  • Social affairs & social protection
  • Water & sanitation
  • Youth


  • Institutions
  • Poor households
  • Poor workers in the informal economy
  • Refugees
  • Women
  • Youth

Agir Pillars

  • Pillar 1: Improve social protection for the most vulnerable communities and households in order to secure their livelihoods
  • Pillar 4: Strengthen governance in food and nutrition security


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Sustainable Development Goals

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