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September 2022

Set of instruments for the prevention and management of food and nutrition crises



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December 2022

Sahel and West Africa: 28.9 million people in crisis phase ( 3-5) November-December 2022

April 2022

Sahel and West Africa: 27.3 million of people in crisis phase ( 3-5), March-may 2022

December 2021

Sahel and West Africa: 33.4 million people expected to face crisis or worse (phase 3-5) June-Aug 2022



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Did you know? Civil society’s commitment to the PREGEC Charter


Did you know? Making nutrition a priority

Réseau RPCA


Financed by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and implemented by the Luxembourg Development Co-operation Agency (LuxDev), the project “Recovery of the local economy and community support – Phase II (RELAC II) operated in 30 communes in the regions of Gao, Menaka, Taoudéni and Timbuktu in northern Mali. These areas were weakened by conflict and the occupation by armed groups in 2012/13. The programme pursued the stabilisation of targeted post-conflict zones by supporting the revival of the local economy and the improvement of services provided by local authorities through support in income-generating activities and the construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure. The economic component of the intervention was completed by support for social safety nets, targeting explicitly most vulnerable households. The project, which did not target any particular groups, made sure to involve all members of Malian society. In particular, the selection criteria for economic projects included requirements for ensuring the participation of young people and women.