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September 2022

Set of instruments for the prevention and management of food and nutrition crises



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December 2022

Sahel and West Africa: 28.9 million people in crisis phase ( 3-5) November-December 2022

April 2022

Sahel and West Africa: 27.3 million of people in crisis phase ( 3-5), March-may 2022

December 2021

Sahel and West Africa: 33.4 million people expected to face crisis or worse (phase 3-5) June-Aug 2022



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Did you know? Civil society’s commitment to the PREGEC Charter


Did you know? Making nutrition a priority

Réseau RPCA


Funded by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa and implemented by ACTED and several NGOs, this project targets young people in the Diffa region. Conducted within the framework of the fight against poverty, instability and humanitarian crises, the project contributes to operationalising the humanitarian-peace-development nexus. Activities target vulnerable people, regardless of their status (host communities, displaced persons or refugees) through the construction/rehabilitation of community infrastructure, access to basic social services (water, health, education) and other responses to urgent needs. Women-headed households will be particularly targeted. The project will respond to short-term needs and the effects of the chronic crisis affecting these areas while working towards reducing vulnerability in the medium- and long term.