Questions A - Marie-Pierre Poirier: nutrition challenges

In this interview, Ms. Marie-Pierre Poirier presents a regional overview of the nutrition situation in the Sahel and West Africa. She stresses the importance of a multi-sectoral approach focused on women and girls. The prevention of malnutrition is of paramount importance. The RPCA offers a platform for dialogue to better co-ordinate the actions of multiple stakeholders active in the region and can play a key role in scaling up good nutrition practices in the Sahel and West Africa.

Interview conducted on the side-lines of the 34th RPCA annual meeting, 4 December 2018, Banjul, The Gambia.


Sahel and West Africa Club Secretariat (SWAC/OECD) in collaboration with the Senegal-based Raceco group

Countries – Regions: CILSS area, ECOWAS area, UEMOA area

Themes: Children & Youth, Employment, Food security, Nutrition, Social protection

Scale: Regional (West Africa)

Langs: French

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