Adapting Agriculture to climate change in The Gambia

Against the background of food security and environmental problems and projected impacts of climate change in Gambia, adaptation activities in the agricultural sector can be linked to two priorities: 1) promoting diversification of livelihood strategies and intensification of agriculture production, processing and marketing, and 2) improved livestock production and land management for sustaining livelihoods of local communities. These priorities, need to be complimented with cross cutting elements on which the project is centred: (1) Strengthening of institutional and technical capacity of agricultural services to promote adaptation and (2) assessment of vulnerabilities, risks and dissemination of timely risk information to better plan crop and livestock management practices.


Objectif global

To promote diversified livelihood strategies for reducing the impact of climate variability and change in agriculture and livestock sectors

Objectifs spécifiques

To strengthen adaptive capacity of institutions

To increase knowledge and understanding of vulnerability

To integrate climate resilient strategies for diversified livelihood

To improve management of rangelands and increase access to livelihood assets

To implement the project with a results-based management framework

Résultats attendus

90 government staff and 50 entrepreneurs trained on climate change adaptation

Improved data, tools and methods for vulnerability and risk assessment available

2500 households assets increased (secure access 3-4)

10 differed grazing areas established

Baseline reports, mid and final evaluation completed


6 288 356



  • Agriculture & chaînes de valeurs
  • Climat, changement climatique & adaptation


  • Agriculteurs vulnérables
  • Institutions
  • Pasteurs et agropasteurs

Piliers AGIR

  • Pilier 1 : Améliorer la protection sociale des communautés et ménages vulnérables pour une sécurisation de leurs moyens d'existence
  • Pilier 2 : Renforcer la nutrition des ménages vulnérables