Enhancing resilience of vulnerable coastal areas and communities to climate change in The Gambia

The project is designed to reduce Gambia’s vulnerability to sea-level rise and associated impacts of climate change by improving coastal defences and enhancing adaptive capacities of coastal communities. The project will primarily address The Gambia’s National Adaptation Programme of Action (NAPA) on Climate Change priorities on coastal zones and fisheries, based on the following components: (i) Policy and institutional development for climate risk management in coastal zones; (ii) Physical Investments in coastal protection against climate change risks; and (iii) Strengthening livelihood of coastal communities at risk from climate change. The proposed project will employ a feedback loop between these 3 components and enable successful community-based adaptation approaches in coastal areas to be analysed and replicated in other vulnerable regions, both within and outside of The Gambia.



Objectif global

To enhance resilience of vulnerable coastal areas and communities to climate change in The Gambia

Objectifs spécifiques

To reduce Gambia’s vulnerability to sea level rise and associated impact by improving coastal defence and enhancing adaptive capacities by December 2017

Reaching investment levels of another 15 million US$ for sea and river defence allied to risk reduction approaches by December 2017

Make targeted communities (7) experiencing positive improvement and sustainable livelihoods

Résultats attendus

Policies, institutions and individuals mandated to manage coastal areas strengthened to reduce the risk of climate change by December 2017

Vulnerability of coastal investment to climate risks reduced through design, construction and maintenance of coastal construction including the restoration of mangroves

Rural livelihoods in coastal zones enhanced and protected from the impacts of climate change


9 500 000


  • Climat, changement climatique & adaptation
  • Gouvernance


  • Institutions
  • Ménages pauvres
  • Pêcheurs artisanaux

Piliers AGIR

  • Pilier 1 : Améliorer la protection sociale des communautés et ménages vulnérables pour une sécurisation de leurs moyens d'existence
  • Pilier 2 : Renforcer la nutrition des ménages vulnérables