Gambia Protected Area Network and Community livelihood

The project aims to strengthen the national protected areas network and management effectiveness, focusing on a cluster of priority protected areas namely, Jokadu National Park, Bao Bolong Wetland Reserve, and Kiang West National Park. The project enhances community based natural resources management, focusing primarily on farmers and their households, totalling an estimated 70,000, that exert significant pressure on the integrity of these areas. It introduces biodiversity-friendly sustainable land and natural resource management practices.

Objectif global

To expand and strengthen the management of priority protected areas in The Gambia, including through enhanced community based natural resources management

Objectifs spécifiques

To confirm and expand protected status of the 3 existing protected areas

To strengthen institutional and technical capacities in the target Protected Areas to address existing and emerging threats

To improve forest cover, habitat integrity and connectivity across the targeted protected area cluster and surrounding landscapes (60,000 ha)

To enhance diversity, sustainability and reliability of community livelihoods

Résultats attendus

rotected estate (area) under the Baobolong Wetland Reserve, Jokadu National Park expanded to 74, 276 ha through extension of the Jokadu National and Kiang West National by 5,000 and 10,000 ha respectively

50% of people in target areas have a significant role in managing natural resources resulting to an enhanced management effectiveness in protected estates as follows: (1) 20% increase over the 57 and 47 METT Score for the KWNP and BBWR, and (ii) 45 METT for the JNP

1000 seedlings/saplings of multi-use species successfully established by communities of the targeted PA clusters, at least 5 farmers per community adopted conservation tillage methods and at least 30% of key PA borders exposed to fires and other pressures

50% of producer organizations, women’s groups, traders and farmer’s associations and CBOs apply improved technologies and management practices

Capacity building


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  • Agriculture & chaînes de valeurs
  • Forêt & biodiversité
  • Gestion des ressources naturelles


  • Agriculteurs vulnérables
  • Ménages pauvres

Piliers AGIR

  • Pilier 1 : Améliorer la protection sociale des communautés et ménages vulnérables pour une sécurisation de leurs moyens d'existence
  • Pilier 2 : Renforcer la nutrition des ménages vulnérables