Pro-poor growth for peace consolidation project phase 2

The project addresses this risk factor by focusing on the mainly young and generally unemployed population. KfW together with the state project partner, the National Commission for Social Action, designed a programme that specifically promotes value chains able to open economic prospects for large parts of the population. The construction of the infrastructure itself is designed to provide as many people as possible with employment in the programme regions so that they can earn a living in the short term. Along selected agricultural value chains, access roads are being repaired, and markets, storehouses and wells built.

Objectif global

To address the direct social economic situation of poor communities by empowering them and addressing the major constrain which hinder their livelihood


  • Agriculture & chaînes de valeurs


  • Agriculteurs vulnérables
  • Ménages pauvres

Piliers AGIR

  • Pilier 1 : Améliorer la protection sociale des communautés et ménages vulnérables pour une sécurisation de leurs moyens d'existence
  • Pilier 2 : Renforcer la nutrition des ménages vulnérables