Smallholder Agricultural Production Enhancement and Commercialization (SAPEC) Project

The SAPEC project targets 12 counties that account for approximately 60% of Liberia’s total land area, 67% of the population, and 51% of its rice and cassava producing households. The project intends to increase the productivity of 4,000 hectares including 1,000 hectares of upland, which will be dedicated to cassava and rice cultivation respectively. More than 50% percent of the population of these counties whose income depends heavily on agricultural activities, lives below the poverty line. SAPEC will also make more land and water available for cropping through the rehabilitation of 1,000 hectares of community-owned lowland in the four rice-producing counties of Grand Gedeh (438 ha), River Gee (424 ha), Maryland (25 ha) and Grand Kru (113 ha). Additionally, SAPEC will rehabilitate twelve market centres (1 per country), construct nine agribusiness centres, and rehabilitate 270 kilometres of all-weather roads.



Objectif global

To increase the incomes of smallholder farmers and rural entrepreneurs, particularly women, youths, and the physically challenged

Résultats attendus

Decreased percentage in rural poverty rate

Decreased rate of rural population below the minimum level of dietary energy consumption


  • Libéria


  • Agriculture & chaînes de valeurs


  • Agriculteurs vulnérables

Piliers AGIR

  • Pilier 1 : Améliorer la protection sociale des communautés et ménages vulnérables pour une sécurisation de leurs moyens d'existence
  • Pilier 2 : Renforcer la nutrition des ménages vulnérables